We have the advantage of
Beyond is the strength, quality is the customer, so we promise on the premise of ensure on time delivery, always provide zero defect products to customers, the customer the demand forever in the first place.

Technical advantages
Set of quality management and production technology of Japan and Taiwan enterprises, there are four core technologies: practice, compounding and blending in sealing system design, rubber mold design and processing technology, the manufacturing process.
Quality advantage
In strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard production, in line with the CCC mandatory product certification;Products comply with the eu export standard ROS environmental standards.All raw materials are from the industry's well-known brands
Team advantage
Professional designers aided design and guide the creative idea.In product design and development, cooperate with the customer together develop, provide useful advice on design and material selection on the selection, material selection for the customer to provide precise technical support.
Service advantages
Perfect service system, solve the things that you pre-sale, sale, after-sale worries

Enterprise qualification

Product display

Shun tai precision rubber (shenzhen) co., LTD

Luen Thai rubber products was founded in 1986, after more than 30 years of steady development, has now gathered into a small scale industry chain: silicone rubber manufacturing, mold manufacturing, precision machining is equal to the body.

Its shun tai precision rubber (shenzhen) co., LTD., focusing on the r&d and manufacture of silicone rubber, has mold manufacturing;Its and Thai rubber products factory Focus of precision parts processing and production, there are specializing in the production of medical and health care equipment and precision hardware processing factory dust-free workshop.



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